Demon Day Demo Update 1.3

Hi everyone,

The demo of Beatdown Dungeon: Demon Day just got updated. I really need to keep up with these devlogs.

Anyway, besides some QoL improvements, the major addition this time is the inclusion of Alisa and Shirley into the roster. At least in Versus and Training for now. People who played the first Beatdown Dungeon might remember these two. This also means the game now has something resembling zoners. But as usual, everyone becomes a rushdown character at some point in these games.

Not much else to say besides that for now. Hope everyone enjoys these two returning fighters!

Feedback is always welcome as usual!

See you in the next update,

Phil Airdash

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Jun 16, 2021

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Woohoo, Alisa returns! Can't wait to try this out