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Beatdown Dungeon is a hybrid between dungeon crawler RPGs and fast-paced 2D fighting games. Travel through randomly generated dungeons, find treasure and fight all kinds of weird monsters. The combat is inspired by games such as Guilty Gear or Under Night In-Birth. Controls are easy to grasp  and combos allow for creativity, with  a lenient cancel system and  the ability to summon helper characters . Develop your own fighting style by equipping badges to modify your skills and creating your own Custom Demon fighter.

This is the game's open beta version. All playable characters and dungeons are unlocked from the start, so that you can test the game as much as you want.
Beatdown Dungeon is still in development and feedback is always welcome! Don't hesitate to raise your voice if you didn't enjoy something, be it certain moves, or a character's hair color. If you run into any glitches, please report them.

Additions since the last demo:

  • New playable character "Marv"
  • New playable character "Queen"
  • All four dungeons, plus the final battle included
  • All 20 badges  included and they can be unlocked in-game
  • All 20 helper characters included and they can be unlocked in-game
  • More items and map events
  • Reworked combo system: you can now cancel into any move as long as it is stronger than your previous one. Input reader is also more lenient.
  • a whole bunch of minor tweaks and fixes

If you want to learn more about the game's combat, download the battle_instructions.txt file. Oh, and the game is currently missing resolution options. I'm working on that.

The game has been tested on Windows 8.1 and Windows 10.

XBOX 360 Controllers and PS4 Controllers (recommended) alongside keyboard controls are currently supported.

Beatdown Dungeon is a creation of Phil Airdash. Further credits can be found inside the game.

Feel free to contact me on Twitter: @BeatdownDungeon

 If you're interested in covering the game, you can download the press_kit.zip for some additional screenshots, promo art and further info.

Install instructions

Just download the zip file and extract the files. You will find "beatdown_dungeon_open_beta.exe" and a folder called "beatdown_dungeon_open_beta_Data". Make sure both are in the same place on your computer. Then just execute the .exe file and enjoy the game!


beatdown_dungeon_open_beta.zip 430 MB
battle_instructions.txt 3 kB
press_kit.zip 12 MB

Development log


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There's a complex infinite that can be done with Alisa w/Uppercut. Here's how I do it in the most basic form I can put to words

  • Launch an opponent to the air with her special
  • Combo them in the air with "Light, Medium, Heavy, Summon"
  • While the summon suspends them in air, combo them in air with "Light, Medium, Light, Medium" while you land
  • Her special meter resets when you hit the ground, allowing you to launch them again with her special
  • While they are in the air this time, you only combo them in the air with "Light, Medium, Light, Medium" while you land
  • Repeat

This combo is insane but unfortunately, it's an infinite so something has to happen.

You're right, Alisa's first gravity icon recovers a bit too quickly. Thanks for pointing this out!

Glad to help

I have a bit of a problem with the dungeon crawling in that there are empty rooms, I think there should be less rooms but more things in those rooms, therefore it will be short but fulfilling rather than having to search for those interesting things among a sea of emptiness.

Fun fact: the dungeon floors actually used to be larger, but I already reduced their size. I get what you mean, though. For now, I added a run button  to make exploration faster.

What's the run button? Do you mean the run badge?

The run button will be in the final version (it's not in the beta). Press k or whatever button you set to Back (in menus) to run. Can also be combined with the speed-up badge .

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One more big Alisa w/ Uppercut combo that i think will probably be patched out, I'll write it in two notations

A - Light Attack

B - Medium Attack

C - Heavy Attack

X - Special Attack

Y - Mana Attack

Z - Summon

| - delay

"A, 2A, 2A, B, C, 6A, X| 9, a.(A, B, C, Z), 66, A, B, C, 6A, X| 9, a.(A, B, A, B), A, B, C, Z, Y"

Regular Challenge Mode Notation

  • Light Attack
  • Crouching Light Attack
  • Crouching Light Attack
  • Medium Attack
  • Heavy Attack
  • Forward Light Attack
  • Neutral Special Attack
  • Forward Jump
  • Air Light Attack
  • Air Medium Attack
  • Air Heavy Attack
  • Summon
  • Land Cancel
  • Dash
  • Light Attack
  • Medium Attack
  • Heavy Attack
  • Forward Light Attack
  • Neutral Special Attack
  • Forward Jump
  • Air Light Attack
  • Air Medium Attack
  • Air Light Attack 
  • Air Medium Attack
  • Land Cancel
  • Light Attack
  • Medium Attack
  • Heavy Attack
  • Summon
  • Mana Move

This combo has an astounding 34 - 36 hits and does 357 - 359 dmg with no damage modifiers 

I actively encourage play like this, so don't worry about it being patched out. If you're good enough at the game to pull off a combo like this, you deserve it. The only thing I patch are boring infinites (like normals linking into themselves), which make them game less fun.

I beat the queen with both enemy modifiers!!

Geez, that's awesome! I was worried the final boss might be too difficult, but apparently it's still doable under these circumstances xD

(1 edit)

I think she's at a nice difficulty to truly test the skills of a player, but I really exploited the fact that the AI doesn't block when they get up.

One more thing, could you not remove the Light Attack into Crouching Light Attack Chain, those were one of my favorite chains.

Don't worry, those are still in the game ;) I removed the infinites on them, but tha'ts about it. In general, I fixed one or two infinites and gave Satoshi a new combo, but otherwise your tech should still work.



I sure hope my combos remain

Had some blast trying out the game.

I must admit that I've spent more time playing with a custom demon. I'll definitely give all other chars a try too.

The game did never crash or even slow down (i'm playin on a 8 year old laptop with a geforce 525M) , and that is really appreciable for a beta game ! 10/10 for stability !

Characters look cool and ARE UNIQUE ! A blast!  Jokes here and there keep the fun atmosphere without getting too bold or smthg. Many things going unnoticed meaning they all run as intended  ;)

The only really small things i've run into are about specific stuff in the controls. 

1. Sometimes, it seems like if the engine keeps some "ghost" inputs in the buffer. It happens sometimes when there are many quick inputs (attack + some directions or like for instant airdash etc). When the move is finished (and I'm not holding any button anymore) the character is stuck in walking/crouching. As soon as I press a direction button, everything goes back to normal. Does not happen very often.

2. "Forward attack" stuff (fwd+light attack input)

Looking for an opening with the light attack in a footsie situation can lead into having the "forward attack" coming out instead. And the latter is much slower.

Also, during an air combo, as my character lands, I want to make a lil step forward then Light attack (and continue the combo) , or even instant forward jump + light attack to continue with an air juggle combo. But 8/10 times the "forward attack" comes out, as if it had priority over the other inputs. 

As the autocombo comes out also with the Light attack button (when mashed), that makes a lot of controls on that light attack button. Could it be possible to change the "forward attack" input ? Like with [fwd]+heavy ?  It could still make sense gameplay-wise IMO.

And as I said above, outside of those specific subjects, there are so many things that go unnoticed, meaning they're OK, and that's HUGE !

Like, there are some tiny differences in assist cooldown timing which completely make sense when looking at their respective strengths and usefullness. ex.: the Jelly guy and the rockstar dragon. I'm still not convinced which assist I prefer. Both give combo extension, let you setup mixup situations etc., with some tiny differences in timings-cooldown-etc. And that shows there was a lot of work behind the curtains ! BRAVO !

Music is cool, different soundtracks depending on the dungeons. All of it is cohesive. Sounds effects are ok even they're not AAA. All of the sound stuff runs smoothly for me.

Well that will be enough.  Keep it up !!!


Thanks for the feedback! The game was actually developed on a 6 year old laptop, to make sure it runs well on low-end machines xD

The game has a pretty lenient input buffer, but not for directional inputs. You shouldn’t get stuck in walking/crouching, that sounds like a bug. Thanks a lot for pointing this out, I’ll try to fix it!

I will take a closer look at the forward attack, thanks for the notice! I probably won’t change the input this close to the game’s release (could result in a bunch of glitches/infinites) but might change the input priority. Have you tried using crouching light attacks instead? They usually have the same range, but don’t trigger the auto combo.

Glad you’re enjoying the customization features! The idea behind assists, badges and the Custom Demon was to give you flexibility in how you fight, since the game is half-RPG.

Thanks again for playing and the detailed feedback!

Happy to contribute ! I'm really enjoying the game and all the possible combinations. 

For the fwd attack stuff, I'm trying to delay my inputs a bit, and it works better. But still there's definitely something with directions stuck in the buffer on the custom demon female character (that's the one I've been testing stuff with).

Anyway, here is a small video with a possible combo with the cust. demon girl.

  • Style : Agressor
  • Duck special : Launch blast
  • Air special : Air fireball (works also with air slash)
  • Helper  (or assist) : Boss Wyrm (the rockstar dragon that fires 3 fireballs)

What I wanted to illustrate :

  • Crossup / not-crossup situation for the opening
  • Cr. medium long hit advantage that lets you combo for long enough, so the helper meter fills up for another use
  • Dash fwd between 2 cr. medium is a valid link in the combo
  • No meter use

I love those cr. medium links, still you can easily do an infinite with them as they are now. But I insist on the fact that they allow something interesting. Maybe the pushback on the cr.med could depend on the cust. demon playstyle (walk speed), so you can link only 2 cr. mediums or 3, depending on the playstyle... Like the TANK playstyle can link a bunch of cr.mediums (7 or 8), but not an inifinite.

I'm confident that you'll find the solution for this one too.

Regards from France !

Always makes me happy seeing players discover combos like this. Thanks for the video feedback! I will definitely adjust the cr. Medium, it’s a bit busted xD I will also take another look at the input buffer.

I love the new update! I've only experienced one or two problems thus far.

1) Desperate need for some kind of run button in the dungeons I think. Just to get through the empty spaces better/get around quicker.

2) Speed up in-between dialogue! The text crawl is too slow. Or just resume the text crawl after a battle is finished.

3) Bug? On Level 7 of the noob dungeon the game got crazy fast. It was cool but it played so quickly!

Thanks a lot for trying out the beta! Those are some great suggestions, I'll look into them. Can you remember what triggered the speed-up on level 7? Or did it just randomly happen? Thanks!

It just seemed to randomly happen I'm afraid! I got into a battle, and suddenly I was playing an anime fighter :P

That said it was kinda fun for the 10 seconds I lasted. Maybe look into a speed modifier. 


Who knows, maybe I'll turn that into a feature at some point in the future xD

(2 edits)

I'll just post'em here in numpad notation

A = Light Attack

B = Medium Attack

C = Heavy Attack

X = Special Attack

Y = Mana Move

Z = Summon

| = Delay

Nitro's Combo (w/ Demon Summon):

"A, 2A x3, B, C, Z, A, 2A x2, B, C, 2D, M"

Aliza Combo (w/ Uppercut Summon):

"A, 2A x2, B, C, 6A, X| 9, a.(A, B, C, Z), A, B, C, 6A, 6X, Y"

"A, 2A x2, B, C, 6A, X, 2Y| 9, a.(A, B, C, X, Z), A, B, C, [as many times as possible] x(6A, 6X), Z" 

"7, a.(B, C, X)| 9, a.(A, B, C, Z), A, B, C, 6A, 6X, Y"

That's awesome, thanks for experimenting with the combo system! I am working hard to release a new demo soon, which  (besides more content) also makes the combo system a bit more freeform. In the old version you had to go A > B > C for a chain, now you can also go A > C for example.

This game has tons of potential and I already found extremely damaging combos for Alisa and Nitro, I just need a place to post'em

(1 edit)

Hi, just tested out stuff in training mode and the game feels good just that Satoshi needs a balance patch, his jumping heavy which goes downwards, has way too much hitstun to where you can constantly do jump forward heavy at midscreen even for an easy infinite. I think his light, medium, heavy, forward special (repeat from light) is a corner infinite but then again I can only do it for 5 reps at most.
-Custom Demon and some other characters have animation bugs where characters are locked into an animation, the most obvious is holding crouch while you do crouching medium, if forward or back is held after the move ends, you will stay stuck in the last frame of the move until you let go, sliding along the ground and able to do some moves without a hitbox appearing. A similar glitch occurs also when you use an air attack and then cancel into a special on the ground instantly, doing the move but still in the air move animation.
-Custom demon ice ball and launcher special create an easy infinite, lauch opponent, do ice ball to catch them in air, then repeat forever, this one is even easier than the Satoshi infinite
Really love what you're doing and will continue to report bugs and inifinites as I see them

Thank you very much for the valuable feedback! I've replied to you on Twitter (you're Kusoge Kris, right?)

Looks cool guys. Will try it once I switch to my PC.

Thanks a lot! Every bit of feedback is valuable, so feel free to offer criticism :)


This game has alot going for it. The demo seems a bit rough round the edges but I can see a cool game in the making.

The animation was probably one of my favorite things, each character having alot of well... character.

Thanks a lot for covering the game! Seriously, this is the first video anyone has done on Beatdown Dungeon (well, besides myself). Great to see you enjoying the game. And you're right, there are definitely a few things that need improving. Didn't expect the dungeon backgrounds to be an issue though, I'll make sure to fix that. And yes, there will be more characters. Two more are almost done, but didn't make the cut for the demo.

You're very welcome, I hope you found the data useful.

To be specific with the background issue, what was distracting was when it kept moving even though the forground wasn't. It's something you get used to after awhile but its very jarring at first, so I'm guessing that's why you might not have thought of it.

When you make a game and test it alot you kinda build immunities to things.