A downloadable game for Windows

Note: This is the original Beatdown Dungeon game from 2018. If you are looking for the (much improved) sequel, go here: Beatdown Dungeon: Demon Day - Demo v1.7 by Phil Airdash (itch.io)

Beatdown Dungeon is a hybrid between dungeon crawler RPGs and fast-paced 2D fighting games. Travel through randomly generated dungeons, find treasure and fight all kinds of weird monsters. The combat is inspired by games such as Guilty Gear or Under Night In-Birth. Controls are easy to grasp and combos allow for creativity, with  a lenient cancel system and  the ability to summon helper characters . Develop your own fighting style by equipping badges to modify your skills and creating your own Custom Demon fighter.

This is the game's finished, released version. All characters, dungeons and features are included. Thanks to everyone who played the previous versions and offered their feedback!


  • Six regular playable characters
  • Customizable "Custom Demon" character. Select their playstyle, moves and appearance yourself!
  • Four dungeons, plus one post-game challenge dungeon.
  • 20 badges to adjust your character's playstyle and give them new moves.
  • 20 helper characters to aid you in battle.
  • A bunch of items to help you out in tight situations.
  • Lenient combo system: you can cancel into any move as long as it is stronger than your previous one. All moves only require button presses and directional inputs. No quarter-circles needed.
  • Training Mode and 2 Player Versus Mode.

If you want to learn more about the game's combat, download the battle_instructions.txt file.

The game has been tested on Windows 8.1 and Windows 10.

XBOX 360 Controllers and PS4 Controllers (recommended) alongside keyboard controls are supported.

Beatdown Dungeon is a creation of Phil Airdash. Further credits can be found inside the game.

Feel free to contact me on Twitter: @BeatdownDungeon

 If you're interested in covering the game, you can download the press_kit.zip for some additional screenshots, promo art and further info.

Rated 4.4 out of 5 stars
(48 total ratings)
AuthorPhil Airdash
GenreAction, Fighting
Made withUnity
Tags2D, Action RPG, Anime, Arcade, Beat 'em up, Dungeon Crawler, Hand-drawn, Local multiplayer, Singleplayer
Code licenseArtistic License 2.0
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Xbox controller, Playstation controller
AccessibilityConfigurable controls
MultiplayerLocal multiplayer
Player count1 - 2


beatdown_dungeon_v1_0.zip 434 MB
battle_instructions.txt 3 kB
press_kit.zip 12 MB

Install instructions

Just download the zip file and extract the files. You will find "beatdown_dungeon.exe" and a folder called "beatdown_dungeon_Data". Make sure both are in the same place on your computer. Then just execute the .exe file and enjoy the game!

Development log


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this game cured my depression

Really love the game. I made a video you can visit

It's not in English but you can watch my play. :D

That's awesome, thank you for playing!

Can you bring an android version please?

this game rules. kinda has a newgrounds vibe wish i dont mind, you should make the next one pwyw at least. this feels like stealing.


Thanks! I'm good, I  like putting some free entertainment out there. I'm also working on a sequel right now: Beatdown Dungeon: Demon Day - Demo v1.6.1 by Phil Airdash (itch.io)

Now we need rollback for the game

This game simply does not work for me. i am trying to use my ps4 controller, and not only is the character constantly moving right. but left and right control is on the right thumbstick. meanwhile up is right on the d-pad and down is left on the d-pad. to start with X has been cancel where O is the accept button.

Hm, that's strange. There are known issues with XBOX pads that are similar to these, perhaps the game is trying to run your PS4 pad as x-input? Have you plugged/unplugged the controller while the game is running? That sometimes results in some funky behaviour.

no motion imputs :(

how do i block on pc?

Blocking is done by holding left when facing right, or vice versa. Left/right are A nd D on keyboard.


This game now has a sequel in the works! Check out the demo here: Beatdown Dungeon: Demon Day - First Demo by Phil Airdash (itch.io)

Hey man, I really enjoy this game and have been playing it non-stop since I downloaded it. Love the idea of combining dungeon crawlers and fighting games, it's more interesting than playing the usual arcade mode. Character design is also fantastic. I see you're making a sequel and after watching its trailer I feel very satisfied. Smoother combat is all I expected. Great job, man! Keep up the good work! 

Those are very kind words, thank you! Glad you had a good time. I'm working hard to release a demo for the sequel within the coming months.

(1 edit)

This game has a great concept, design, and humor. However, there are quite a number of issues that were present in this game. First lets start with the pros!!!! The graphics look very nice and I enjoy the dungeon style crawling of this game. I also like the queen's witty jokes and she is very funny and has an adorable design. I laughed a bit at most of the humor in the game and I thought it was cheesy but in a good way rather than an annoying one. However, the amount of cons in this game is like a tumor to the good things. Lets start with the smallest problem I found, which is the exclamation points. Dungeon crawling is kind of supposed to be random in a sense and this kind of undermines the whole purpose of it. However, this is something that doesnt completely destroy the game. The next problem is that some rooms are literally just filler spaces. Once again, this problem isnt really a major one. The next problem was that it seems some enemies seem to do some infinite combo changes and the game tells me nothing about blocking or anything like that so im just running around like a headless chicken in the middle of the forest. This game sort of heats up my laptop to unholy temperatures as well. Lastly the biggest problem is that if the your helper dies, YOU FAIL THE DUNGEON!!!! WTF kind of reasoning is this? I understand if the game ends because your main character dies because that could be the theme or something. But if your helper dies? This just ends up making it undoubtedly infuriating to me. This is a mechanic that needs to be fixed immediately. Overall, I would rate this game a 4/10 where this is a type of raing either reserved for boring games, or for games with interesting mechanics but pretty bad execution. Also, the button controls where it says button5 and button4 or some things like that make 0 sense and I cant seem to change it at all to my liking. This game has potential but just turned out to be disappointing. I hope that you can fix these issues in your sequel and I believe that you can make something extremely fantastic with minimal problems. The heart is there, it just needs quite a bit of fixing. Have a nice day!

Hi, thanks for the detailed feedback! Yes, there's certainly a bunch of stuff that needs improving. The next game will take on the form of a more traditional JRPG to solve the issue of boring random maps. I assume you mean the reserve character? That mechanic will also be removed, instead you'll just have your whole party with you. You'll still get a Game Over if one of them dies, but you can save anywhere and have revival items to retry fights. And I guess I need to include a blocking tutorial. Thanks for playing!

(6 is forward and 2 is down btw, it is numpad notation)


Almost every a character in this game has an infinite, for those who didnt know!

Nitro: ABC 6A ABC 6A...
Satoshi: ABC 6A ABC 6A corner only
Alisa: she has one but IDK inputs
Marv: 2A 2A 2A in corner
Shrley: A B 6A special A b 6A Special (no ghosts)


Alisa's infinite is
5A - 5B - 5C ~ j.(5B ~ 5B

I love the game. I'm looking forward to the sequel! Keep up the good work man!!

Thank you! Doing my best!


My pleasure man

For those who are interested, Beatdown Dungeon now has a sequel in the works!


Thank you! Sometimes it's worth it to explore weird little indie games.

I was practicing with queen but something weeeeird happened.I was going to use my super and then suddenly background turned white(her eyes were white too), queen's wings were getting bigger.She did 408500 damage.WHAT WAS THAT I T^T.


Looks like you found her hidden super! Activate her Overdrive (down + mana button), get your opponent's life into the red and do the down super again. Instead of the Overdrive, Queen will perform an unblockable full-screen insta-kill. Have fun!

the game looks so good, great work, :D

Thank you very much! I'm working on a sequel right now, which will hopefully look even better.

OMGosh this story tho XD

Yeah, I didn't take this stuff too seriously xD

I'm wondering if it is just me, but does anyone have a problem of the game continuously inputting the right command?  Makes it a bit hard to play, but like I said, might just be me.

It does it with the controller as well as the keyboard.

Hi, this is a known issue, sorry about that. It seems to be triggered by the stick of XBOX 360 controllers. I suggest using other pads because of that.

It apparently does it with Xbox One controllers as well then.  Well, regardless, it is a pretty nice game.

Good to know, thanks for the feedback!

My 360 controller just makes it go Left continuously.

(7 edits)

This game still has crazy combos. The more I find, the more they leave the realm of practicality. Satoshi has crazy extensions to what has already been found, nothing really new. Shirley and Marv however surprise me with their combo potential for example:

Shirley(Any, Tofuman): https://gfycat.com/spectacularserpentineamericanavocet

"2C - 5D - 5Y - airdash j.5B - 5C - 6A - jc j.(5C - 5D)"

Comment: This combo is nearly impossible to do in real time anywhere near consistently so I just did this in slow motion and sped it up for viewing pleasure

PSS: Make sure to middle click the link

Shirley(Any, Gigli): https://gfycat.com/coarsesameislandwhistler

"5A - 5B - 5C - 6A - jc j.(5C - 5Y[2]) - 5B - 5C - 5D[2] - 5B - 5C - 6A - 2C - 5D"

Comment: This one is also slowed down because I could not execute, but I sped it up for viewing pleasure it's great eye candy

Shirley has been slept on combo wise, she deserves this.

Wow, these are crazy, especially the second combo! Shirley is probably the most technical character in the game, I modelled her after Venom and Zato from Guilty Gear.  Awesome to see the character's potential being used!

Just found new tech that'll make "6A - 2C" easier you can cancel 6A with 2D and follow up alot easier if you have no ghosts out

will there ever be an competitive online mode? also loved the game uwu

Great to hear you like it! Unfortunately I don't have the resources or knowledge to create an online mode, at least right now. I'm not saying it's never gonna happen, but not likely :/


hello, i have a suggestion.

i noticed you implemented a "reserve partner" system where you can switch to a second character inside of the dungeon.

however, when i lose a fight with either characters, i get a Game Over which kinda undermines the whole purpose of having an extra character in your party.

I wanted to suggest a "Two Strikes and You are Out" system where you can lose a fight with one of the characters in your party and continue to explore the dungeon with the OTHER character as long as you don't lose a fight with him.

that would not only make it easier to go through the later dungeons but also encourage players to level up the reserve character and learn how to use them so that they aren't caught off guard when their "main" loses a fight.

That's actually a very good point. Probably should have handled player death like this. My next game will allow you to simply carry your whole party into a dungeon, so the reserve mechanic kinda gets removed. Instead there will be an item which allows you to retry fights, instead of getting a Game Over.

nice, can't wait to see what kind of game it is.

It's a sequel to Beatdown Dungeon. I felt there is a lot to improve, plus I want to add more characters. If you're interested, you can check out my Twitter profile, since I document the development process there: https://twitter.com/beatdowndungeon

Downloaded it yesterday. Just beaten Noob Dungeon. Solid concept,

very excited to see more of it :)

Cool, hope you have a good time!

For the curious: I uploaded Beatdown Dungeon's soundtrack on YouTube:

I wouldn't call it a masterpiece, but I certainly had fun making it.

Masterpiece! Queen is my favorite character uwu

Also i want to listen soundtracks.Can you upload soundtracks to youtube?

Thank you! Glad you enjoyed the game. Queen had a pretty lengthy design process, since I wanted a comedic villain that can also be threatening when she has to. A couple of people have asked me for the soundtrack, I might upload it to YouTube soon.

I enjoyed the game, the story and controls are enjoyable to me.


Great to hear that, It's always cool to see people create videos of the game. Pro-tip: if you press S (or down) you can crouch, which changes your moves. Kinda like in Smash Bros. Don't think I saw you try it in the video ;)

You seem like a fun youtuber, You've got yourself a new subscriber.

i was trying to play this game with a friend via Parsec, but my Xbox controller keep going right for some reason, and that makes the game a little annoying to play. 

Hi, I recommend plugging in controllers before starting the game. But there seems to be a glitch with xbox pads, thanks for reporting it!


yes please.

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wow, you are extraordinarily creepy and sad at the same time. Not sure how to feel aside of that with you hunting me down on a totally different site to be a  lil troll and pathetic excuse for a human being.

lol you are still butthurt?

i just so happened to return to this page to leave a suggestion and was scrolling through the comments when i saw your name.

and anyways, how would i have known that you go on itch.io?

stop acting like you are some kind of victim, you are embarrassing yourself.

(4 edits) (+2)

Camji's Combo Challenge:

Wanna see if you're really good at this game, try these, but first notation.

Basic Buttons:

  • A - Light Attack
  • B - Medium Attack
  • C - Heavy Attack
  • D - Special Attack
  • X - Mana Move
  • Y - Assist

Special Actions:

  • X[Z] - Make Sure X hits Z times before canceling
    • 5A[2] - Make Sure 5A hits 2 times before canceling
  • {X}xN - You can repeat X infinitely
    • {5A - 5B}xN - You can repeat the "5A - 5B" chain infinitely
  • 7/8/9 - Press the direction to jump.
  • j.(X) - You will have to perform X in the air 
    • j.(5A - 5B) - You will have to perform the "5A - 5B" in the air
    • Special note: The closing bracket ")" signifies that you land, so once you see this j.(5A - 5B) - 9 - j.(5A - 5B), That means you have to jump twiceC

Character notation:

Character(Badge, Support)

<button itchio="" type="button" class="embed_preload youtube_preload" data-embed_code="<iframe width=" 500"="" height="281" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/xrpMzSnKXrg" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen="">


Satoshi(Anything, Anything):

"5A - 5B - 5C[2] - 6A - 5D - jc {9 - j.(5A - 5D)}xN - 5A - 5B - 6A - 6D - 2D"

Marv(Pain Chain, Gigli):
"5A - 5B - 2C - 5Y - 2B - j.5D - 5X - 5X - 2B - j.5C - j.5X"

Shirley(Anything, Gigli):
"5A - 9 - j.(5C - 5Y) - 5B - 5C - 6D - 2C"

Alisa(Anything, Gigli):
"5AB - 9 -  j.(5B - 5C - 5Y) - 9 - j.(5A - 5B -- 5A - 5B) - 5A - 5B - 5C - 6A - 5D -- 9 - j.(5A - 5B -- 5A - 5B) - 5A - 5B - 5C - 6A - 5D -- 9 - j.(5A - 5B -- 5A - 5B) - 5A - 5B - 5C - 6A - 5Y - 9 - j.(5A - 5B -- 5A - 5B) - 5A - 5B - 5C - 6A - 5X"

Alisa(Anything, Gigli):
"5A - 5B - 5C - 6A - 5D - 9 j.(5A - 5B -- 5A - 5B) - 5A - 5B - 5C - 6A - 5D - 9 j.(5A - 5B -- 5A - 5B) - 5A - 5B - 5C - 6A - 5Y - 9 j.(5A - 5B -- 5A - 5B) - 5A - 5B - 5C - 6A - 5X"

OH MY GOD, 53 HIT COMBO!!! I doubt even I can compete with that xD Thank you so much for putting the time in, I rarely see high level play in my game, so these videos are really useful for me.

(1 edit) (+1)

I'd just like to see more an emphasis on training mode to help make finding optimal routes possible, here are some features I want:

CPU Manipulation 

Where you can control whether the CPU is Jumping, Standing or Crouching, and Attacking, Idle, or Blocking because I can't test any block strings right now

Meter Manipulation

Where simply control how much of your resources you have including Alisa's powers

Also configurable controls for keyboard would be nice

You're absolutely right! Not gonna lie, I made the training mode really early in development and never  got around to improving it. I can't promise a full feature set like most modern FGs, but the basics like dummy settings shouldn't be an an issue. Thanks for all the feedback, even months after the game's release!


Back, For some new combos with characters that I'm surprised I like and an updated notation.

  • 'A' - Light
  • 'B' - Medium
  • 'C' - Heavy
  • 'D' - Special
  • 'X' - Super
  • 'Y' - Assist
  • 'jc' - Jump Cancel
  • 'J.(' - in air
  • ')' - Land
  • Label: Character(Badge, Support)

Shirley(Anything, Gigli):

5A - jc J.(5C - 5Y) - 5B - 5C - 6D - 2C - 5D

Notes: Summons all three ghosts in one combo. The hard timings in this combo are the "5A - jc j.5C" and the "6D - 2C" Links but this combo in general is hard but not impossible


5A - 5B - 5C[2] - 6A - 5D - jc.(5A - 5D) - ...

Notes: Combo into his launcher, pretty basic and seems like Phil intended for this combo, so it's nothing really special.

Marv(Pain Chain, Gigli):

5A - 5B - 2C - 5Y - 2B - j.5D - 5X - 5X - 2B - j.(5C - 5D)

Notes: Combos from his Regular String in to his Grab with the help of Gigli. The "2C - 5Y" Link is actually pretty challenging so it will take practice to do this combo. 

My single pet peeve is the time I had to wait to get my support back 

It's amazing how in-depth you go with the  combat system, I feel honored :D Cool to see you summoning all 3 ghosts in Shirley's combo, I don't think anyone had figured this out. In general, not many people seem to use assists properly, maybe I need to make them more prominent in tutorials etc. And you're right , I should include a function to restore the assist meter in training.

I always forget what I download to record so I was pleasantly surprised by this little masterpiece great game I love the concept just in general really

(2 edits) (+2)

Though I will agree that there's some stuff that can be improved in the game as a dungeon crawler(including actually giving my custom demon a victory speech for each win hahahaha), the game itself is amazing already. The characters are dynamic(though you really should add a bit of story to 'em,I was especially wondering what was up with Satoshi and Alisa), the art style is quite unique(especially the expressions of Queen when she gets hit or hits), the moves are smooth even when using keys or controllers, and the music - oh, the sweet sweet music, is friggin' banging(I especially loved Sally's theme, I'd get giddy everytime I heard it). All in all, it's a pretty great game, but can still be improved. Good job, my dude!

Also, Shirley ftw, my favorite character!

Glad to hear you enjoyed it, thanks! The Custom Demon turned out to be a popular feature, I will consider giving them more (selectable) personalities next time. They actually came about because I had already done all the sprites and moves for enemy demons and figured, I might as well make them playable. Most of the story kinda got cut during production and it’s something I wanna put more focus on. The Alisa/Satoshi bit is a reference to an old game of mine, where Alisa was the main character and Satoshi the antagonist. I’m quite surprised there are people enjoying the soundtrack (by no means universally though xD), since I have very little experience composing and used this project as a learning exercise, so thanks! And I agree, Shirley is best.

I'm interested in what happened before Queen stepped in, would there be any way to find this stuff out in-game anytime?

Do you mean story-wise?  At one point I was going to include character backstories but cut the feature to save time.  I still have some of the rough drafts, so I might include more info on the game's world next time. Here's a bit of trivia: Nitro and Satoshi were roommates at one point, which is why they're the starting characters. Satoshi got his fire powers from Queen but had to pay an absurd amount of money for it. Alisa is the daughter of a crime boss, but ran away from home and became a hero. When Queen was younger, she was called "Princess", since demonic royalty discard their names for their titles.


One of my favorite things is to look into the backstory of the world and the characters, I'm glad that you actually had a backstory for these characters already planned, that's just a relic of how much thought you put in the game which I can tell now is a lot of time. Thanks again.

Another question, was Alisa designed for long and crazy combos

Yes, she most definitely was.  The whole gravity gimmick alongside moves with various angles was designed to give you a lot of freedom with your combo game. Her down super basically gives you free infinites for a short period of time. Alisa, Satoshi and Queen were designed for long, elaborate combos.

(2 edits)

I finally got my thoughts together on how you could improve the dungeon crawling.

  • First, get rid of the exclamation mark. Dungeon crawlers depend on you not knowing what comes next in each room, increasing the thrill of the dungeon and the joy when you see a treasure room.
  • Second, make it possible to face multiple enemies in one room. That increases the challenge thus increasing the need for healing items, defines the setting better, and makes the bosses feel more special. If you do this, make sure to keep the enemy variety high. 
  • Third, fill every room with something. I think empty rooms really disappoint and bore people, instead of being a sign of "I did something here" there just a sign of a barren place
  • Finally, make less treasure rooms, but give them more loot. I don't think I should be able to find a chest in every other room and have that chest give me a single item, chests are made to store multiple things

I can't really find a way to end this without sounding like a demanding prick, but please consider these points if you plan on refining the dungeon crawling.

Thank you very much for the suggestions! I absolutely agree with the empty rooms and treasure chests. I put in the !-mark  so players wouldn't get jump-scared by the battle intro, but I see how it reduces the tension. I probably won't include multiple enemies at the same time, since that would  basically require a whole different combat system . My current plan is to design actual non-random dungeons next time and maybe keep the random ones as optional sidequests. Improving the dungeons is very high on my priority list and I'm glad your criticisms overlap with my assessments, what needs to improve.



I'd like to take the time to let you know how great this game is. As an avid fighting game fanatic, I love seeing indie fighting games be released, and this one is by far my favorite! I enjoyed the style and personality Beatdown Dungeon's characters and world has, the game was as humorous as it was fun.  Seems to me like Queen's Wrekkas as inspired by  Iori from KOF, and I really digged  that!

I had a good time playing through the game as Nitro and Alisa, and best believe I'll be testing out the other characters too! I'd like to thank you, Phil, for the inspiration you've given me with your game to better my own. I can't wait to see what you'll make next.

Also, in terms of gameplay, I found a few interesting things:

Nitro can do a loop of LMH forward H  repeatedly, until he reaches the corner and it becomes tougher to do.

Alisa has similar against the AI where you can do LMH forward H, and right as the combo ends, if you press down + L, it'll almost always be a counter hit on the AI, making it easy to cheese them , unless they happen to jump a lot.

Anyways, that'll conclude my comments for now. I hope you continue on with developing.


Very kind of you, thanks! Yes, the move is taken straight from Iori, because he's the best! I was actually motivated by indie fighters myself, specifically Yatagarasu, since it came out at a point when I almost cancelled the project. Good luck for your own project! Thanks for reporting the bits on Nitro and Alisa, that stuff is always very useful.

(1 edit) (+1)


I have just finished main dungeons in your game.
That was incredible!!!
I am in love with fighting games(especially Arc System Works) and this game is as fun to play as theirs. 
I was sitting in my classroom in the university and searching for something to kill time here. Then this game has wildly appeared before my eyes. My first thought was: "Well it is just indie fighting..." But how I was wrong!!! It is the best indie game period for me. Everything is on point here: battles, controls, combos, antagonist. Just going to the Training mode and try out different combination of badges and supports is very fun.

I want to give my thanks to you and I will root for you on your next project.


Can you describe how Ice power should work? Is it possible to freeze the opponent in the middle of the combo?

And I found bug when trying to do a Mana attack as Alisa in the end of the combo: sometimes it does not work... Camera zooms in but attack does not play.

Wow, I'm happy you had such a good time with the game! And yes, the ArcSys influence is quite strong xD You can freeze an enemy once during a combo, but you can't freeze them a second time. Would result in freeze-loops otherwise ;) Thanks for reporting the mana bug, I'll look into it!

Deleted 3 years ago

It controls fine,

the music actually has some good beats

the option menu does need work but the characters are cute

Happy Leif Ericson Day

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